Education doesn’t mean just reading books and giving tests. It has a greater value in our world and a greater meaning to it. Education means acquiring knowledge and using that knowledge in your day-to-day life and reaping meaningful benefits for the greater good. This knowledge can be from books, real-life experiences, work experiences, or from anywhere.

A major part of education considers the knowledge and information that we gain in our practical life through experiences and not just book-related theory. This information that you gather will affect your lifestyle in a good way and help you in your personal development which will further result in societal development.

Gain Stability

Education hones talent and helps a person discover his caliber. It sharpens the mind and provides proper clarity on various things. It provides a person the ability to maintain stability in their everyday life. This also helps in maintaining the financial stability of a person, because better education increases your chances for a better job. A better job will help you secure a high-paying job and hence stabilize your future.


In today’s date, education and skills are far superior to other things. If you fulfill the educational qualifications and have the qualities, then you can be selected in every sphere of life. But failing to have these will just leave you with nowhere to go. Education gives you the sight to choose between right and wrong. It provides you with the ability to prove your innocence if accused falsely. It gives you the power to project your voice and provides you with a course of action for your betterment.


Education is the first step towards literacy. If the people are literate, the country develops and achieves new heights. Education lights up the technological infrastructure of a country and helps it advance on the lines of a new age.

Everyone desires a better life, a wealthy life, a poverty-free life, and all these desires can be met through Education. Countries with educated people and low illiteracy rates reach the pinnacle of success and are tagged as developed countries.

So, education is just as important as food and water because it helps us to fulfill our needs in a better way and it provides us with a better life.