Barry Primus Master Class for Directors - Film & TV

Balandžio 7 d. 10:00 val., dirbtuvės
This is a course for directors and writers. It seeks to demystify and explain through exercises, improvisations, and scenes ways to evoke truthful and exciting performances.

For the director, it should provide an experience that will give them invaluable insight into how actors actually work and help them to connect and communicate meaningfully with actors. For the writer, it should give them a deeper understanding of the creative value of finding the true events of the script beyond and below the printed text.

Barry Primus started his career with acclaimed directors such as Elia Kazan and Harold Clurman. Through a long film career consisting of more than 50 movies, Barry has worked with Martin Scorsese, Sydney Pollack, Mark Rydell, James Toback and Roger Vadim. Barry also co-wrote and directed Mistress starring Robert De Niro. He teaches using Lee Strasbourg, Sandy Maisner and Stella Adler techniques.

Time: April 7-9, 2014
The 3-day workshop fee is 150 Eur. DEADLINE for applying: 6th of March, 2017.


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