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How Do You Make A Unique Gift Basket?

There is nothing more thoughtful and personal than a gift basket. It is a beautiful way to celebrate any occasion, from graduation to the holidays. If you have some time and creativity on your hands, you can put together unique gift baskets in downtown toronto for that special someone in your life.

gift baskets

How to make a unique gift basket:

  1. Choose the container you wish to use. You can use an actual basket, or a gift bag, or any sort of box. Make sure the container is clean and large enough to hold your items. If it’s too big, you might have trouble filling it up; if it’s too small, your items will look jammed in there together.
  2. Figure out what kind of theme you’d like for your basket.  It’s easiest to start with a quote or question; choose something the recipient will enjoy. You could make a basket themed around your relationship, or something related to your loved one’s interests or hobbies. Read up on the theme so you know what kind of items you can include.
  3. Choose items for each section. You may want to combine similar things into one section; for instance, if you filled a candy bar in with fruit and chocolate, it would be more enjoyable than them all sitting individually.
  4. Think about the different sections of your basket. You might want to include something like coffee or chocolate, a plush toy, a pampering item, clothing/shoes….this will help you come up with more ideas when it comes to choosing items.
  5. Decide how you want your recipient to open the basket; consider taking pictures of how you want it done.
  6. Pre-plan your creation. You don’t want to be scrambling around for ideas; make lists, choose items, and have them ready in a place you can easily access it.
  7. Keep track of how much you spend. This will allow you to put together an accurate budget; if you want, include the cost of the basket itself so you know how much extra spending money you have to work with.
  8. Have fun! Try to come up with one new basket idea every few days.

When you’re done, you can take your basket to the recipient and see how they like it. When the recipient is happy with it, you can simply wrap up your gift, and that’s all there is to it!

Of course, if you have extra time on your hands you could make another one for a friend or family member.

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