The power of airsoft guns

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Softguns, in order to be used in airsoft game sessions, must have a power contained in less than 1 Joule. Always check the regulations in your country before using your softguns in organized airsoft play. The power of the ASG is determined by the product of the pellet’s exit speed by its mass. By changing the type of pellet, for example with a higher mass, the power should not increase if not negligibly as the thrust provided by the active system (gas, Co2 or compressed air in the case of electric or manual loading guns) is unable to impress the same speed with a pellet of greater mass, this means that in practice (at least usually, and in any case always verify case by case) using the same airsoft gun with 0.20 gram or 0.30 gram pellets you will have approximately the same power Micro Conversion Kits

Generally speaking, normal airsoft replicas have a power lower than 1 Joule, some declare a power of 0.6 Joule, others a power of 0.9 Joule, still others do not declare the power but the output speed of the pellet (for example 200FPS, a value which corresponds to just under 61 meters per second). In general, the airsoft guns that can exceed 1 Joule are those powered by Co2 , in this case the “overjoule” jargon is used to indicate that the power can exceed that threshold which represents a limit for being able to play airsoft in an organized way.

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From the point of view of ownership, there are no problems (at least not at the time of writing and not in the country where we are) with softguns exceeding 1 Joule, but the airsoft regulation (again at the time and in our country) puts precise limits on the power of the ASG used in group sessions, always check what the regulation provides for in the country where you are and where you want to play. Also important, always protect your eyes with plain ballistic goggles, they are glasses designed to easily resist the stray pellets fired by the ASG, they are glasses that are cheap and protect your eyesight, you should always wear them when you play airsoft and you should expect all your playmates to wear them too. It is a simple and cheap protection that makes the game completely safe.

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